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Each installation we create is constructed to is own unique specifications that provides for proper drainage and long life. Whether we are installing a small driveway by hand or large driveway, road or parking lot with a paving machine, we strive for quality on every job. 


In laying of new pavement, we first complete a thorough inspection to help mitigate any problems before the work begins. Survey’s may also have to be looked over to insure exact property lines and often cable or water companies will have to be called in to do “mark-outs” on the site. After the planning, the site is excavated and all grass, concrete, old asphalt are removed and carted off the site. The sub base is graded and power compacted.

RCA Stone blend is then installed to a depth of 4 to 6 inches
Settling can take anywhere from a day to 2 months to settle.

After settling site is paved with hot commercial asphalt at a depth of 2 to 3 inches, an this will depend on the requirements of the project.

We recommend that your new driveway or  parking lot not be driven on for about 3 days.


We can often resurface an existing driveway or parking lot with new blacktop.  This option will depend on the condition of the existing asphalt (blacktop).  If it is structurally sound and the borders are in good condition, then resurfacing is recommended because asphalt is a strong base for a new layer and there is less chance of settling in an undisturbed ground. 


The removal and replacement of your asphalt (blacktop) may become necessary when the existing layer is broken up and structurally unsound. Over time, cracks will form on the asphalt and spread to its base.  This allows water infiltration into the lower levels of the asphalt, which create holes in the substrate and  structurally weakens the pavement. At this point, superficial repairs will not be sufficient to fix the structural damage in the pavement and so it must be removed and replaced.

Asphalt Paving for Roadways, Driveways, & Parking Lots: